About Us

Th. Agustsson & Co., THACO, is a wholesale and distribution company which has been continuously active since 1965. The company was founded by the businessman Thordur Agustsson and the ship-broker Magnus Armann who directed the company during the first years together with their other activities. Besides the wholesale business, two shops were ran; the fashion shop Bon Bon and the cosmetics store Rakel, which sold only products from Helena Rubinstein procured from the agent Th. Agustsson & Co. The imported goods varied greatly during the early years, among them porcelain china from AB Rörstrand in Sweden, cosmetics from Helena Rubinstein, fashionware from Fiorucci in Italia, Jackpot and Carl Gry in Denmark. Food products were imported from various sources like Epicure Foods, Jacksons of Piccadilly, Karat Kaffe-Kraft Food and Ceres Bryggeriet A/B in Denmark, Falcon Beer and Apple Cider from Bryggeri AB Falken in Sweden.


Today THACO specializes mainly in import of beverages such as beer, cider, mixed drinks and wines.


Falcon Export 5.2% is the star product of the AB Falken Brewery. Falcon Lager has, e.g. won “The World´s Best Strong Beer Award”. This unique and savoury beer has been brewed since 1896. Falcon Export will soon be attainable in ATVR´s liquor stores and selected bars in Reykjavik.

Falcon Raw 4.5% is an organic, unfiltered and tasty beer like the popular German Wheat Beers. This is a beer with a big “TASTE”. Falcon Raw will also be attainable in ATVR´s liquor stores and selected bars.


Xide is the most popular “hit” in Scandinavia today. Xide is “The Trend” in the bars.

Different tastes like Mandarin Chile, Wasabi Lemon and Pine are among the most popular of the 10 available different types of Xide. New and exciting variations of Xide are constantly being developed to suit the “Trend People”.

Strong Liqour

From Scream Retail in the U.K. comes Thunder “Toffee Vodka”. Extraordinary “Toffee Vodka”, which traces its roots to the skiing areas of Val D´isere in France. Toffee Vodka can be enjoyed dry with a lot of ice, but can also be mixed in various cocktails. A whole series of cocktails have been mixed using this superior vodka.


Since its launch in 2004, Snow Queen Vodka has risen to prestige in many exclusive venues. Originating from Kazakhstan, this luxury vodka has become the choice of the refined connoisseur. It has won multiple medals at a substantial number of major international exhibitions across the globe including the Best Vodka prize (Double Gold) at the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competition, which is reserved for spirits that achieve a unanimous Gold Medal by the entire judging panel.  Made from organic wheat and pure artesian water, the vodka is five-times distilled to create a blend that is crisp to the taste and smooth on the palate. It truly is every bit as enchanting and enticing as the beautiful bottle it arrives in. State-of-the-art production methods, coupled with superior ingredients amalgamate to ensure our consumers are provided with a premium and luxurious drinking experience.


Crispy “X KORN” snack of roasted and salted maize kernel from Spain. Fantastic snack to be enjoyed when partying.